About amica

amica helps separated couples to:

  • make parenting arrangements if they have children, and
  • divide their money and property simply.

amica is an initiative of National Legal Aid and the Legal Services Commission of South Australia with support from the Australian Government.


amica provides you with a user-friendly way to work out parenting arrangements that work for your family, and record them.

Money and Property

amica uses artificial intelligence to make suggestions about dividing your money and property based on the information that you enter. The artificial intelligence considers legal principles and applies them to your circumstances.

If you and your partner both agree with the division suggested by amica, you have the flexibility to work out between yourselves how you would like to put the division into effect. For example, will you sell the house? Will one of you buy out the other?

Important: It is recommended that you get financial advice before transferring any money, property or debts.

Will amica cost me anything?

amica aims to make separating simpler. One of the ways it does this is to keep costs minimal.

You can use amica’s step-by-step pathway to enter your information without incurring any charge.

Once you have agreed on your arrangements for parenting or property, you can opt to produce a written agreement which sets out what you have agreed. If you choose this option amica charges a modest fee at this stage of the process.

Producing written documents can be helpful for everyone, to know where you stand and to be clear about who needs to do what, and when.

  • Parenting agreement or Parenting plan: $150.00 + GST
  • Property agreement: $150.00 + GST
  • Application for Property Consent Orders: $250.00 + GST

All transactions are processed in Australian dollars.

What is the difference between these documents?

As you go through amica, you can learn about these documents. For example you can learn about Parenting Arrangements here and find information about Money and Property here.

When do I receive my documents?

Once your payment has been accepted, your documents(s) will be available to view and download in pdf format. Note that once the documents are produced, they are final, which means you can no longer make changes to them.

How do the payments work?

You can pay by entering your credit card details. Card details are transmitted through the secure BankSA PayWay facility.

The payment will appear on your bank statement as ‘Legal Services Commission of SA’.

A receipt will be emailed to the email address that you used to log in to amica. You can also view the receipt when you are logged in to your amica account.

Are refunds available?

amica provides refunds in accordance with statutory requirements and other limited circumstances. It does not provide “change of mind” refunds.

To request a refund contact us via our chat service, askamica or email us at: amica@lsc.sa.gov.au within 30 days of the payment. State why you believe a refund should be made and attach your receipt.

Requests for refunds outside of statutory requirements are considered on a case by case basis. We will let you know the outcome of your request. If a refund is approved, then it will be processed through the BankSA PayWay facility and credited back onto the same credit card that you used to make your payment to amica.

Help and Support

amica provides a pathway to a range of help and support options, such as reliable and accurate information, social support, family violence help and legal help.